Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Period 10, Creative Arts.

If i had to pick my favorite class i've taken in my (now) two years of highschool, creative arts would definitely be my number 1 pick. This class has been so wonderful and filled with excitement, that i am sad to be leaving it. With all the new projects to do you never had nothing to do in this class, you were always either painting or sketching or gluing or sewing, etc. And every project had its own story to it, they all had their own background and that's what them special. But not only were the projects great, so was the teacher. Mrs. Kiick is always happy to help with something, always making up fun and creative things for us to do. There was never a day that Mrs. Kiick wasn't happy. She's the excitement in the room when you first walk in and shes what encourages everyone to be creative and to tell your story whether its in a totem pole, or a painting, or even a book we made ourselves. She is what made this creative arts class fun and i thank her for that. I will always remember this first experience i had with taking a art class, and i hope i will have many more throughout the rest of my highschool years.

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