Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fortune Cookie

This was my favorite project we did this year. I really liked the idea of it and I loved the back story it had. We got six fortunes and had to base our project off of them, easy right? It was easy for me because I had fortunes that all kinda had something to do with each other. My project was about how society thinks us females should be (pretty, skinny, flawless etc..) and how no one really wants to see what we actually are. 


If I'm honest I didn't really like this project that much, I didn't like that I had to give away my own art and I didn't like the art that I got for my final project! When we first began to do this I had my own idea of what I was going to do but when I got the final project it wasn't like I expected and it completely threw me off.  The idea of it was cool that we got to continue off of someone else but it was only good if the art you got last was something you could work with.  

Pop Print

 The pop print was a weird and different experience for me because it wasn't really drawing or painting. We had to carve out of a stamp and do prints off of that. Even though it was new, I really liked doing this because each time I'm printing I can change the colors of it so it was a whole new print each time!