Sunday, November 17, 2013

Our Pile of Blue

  Our mission was to bring in anything we wanted from our home as long as it was the color blue. And as our pile filled up I noticed many things. Like how different everything was because we didn't have to bring in a specific object so everything on the table varied from things like a globe, to nail polish, or phone cases etc. I think our collection shows our interests because it's things we brought in ourselves, things that have come from our home that we personally brought in. Our pile of blue reminds me of Portia Munsons "Reflecting Pool". Her collection "Reflecting Pool" is made up of all random blue objects that she piled in a huge blue baby pool. Our collection not only matches in color but also in objects because just like ours, Munsons "Reflecting Pool" is also filled with random objects from baby toys, to shoes, to even beach toys.

Portia Munson & Mark Dion

Portia Munson, famous collector. Mostly known for her "Pink Projects", which are collections of random pink objects that repsent how our culture infantalizes women. 
Mark Dion, also a collector. Mainly focused on nature, animals, and even cabinets and jars. 
These two are so alike yet so different in many ways. For example, Munsons work is more focused on bright colors, she collects by colors and random objects. While Dions work is mainly dull colors and he collects a lot of the same things like jars, rocks, plants etc. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Bicycle Vs. Candy Jar

Out of the two drawings that I have done this marking period, the Candy Jar drawing was my favorite. Even though I think, personally, it was just a little bit harder then the bicycle drawing, it was still a lot of fun to work with the colors. And because the bicycle didn't have much color, we kept it black and white which to me doesn't pop out as much as the Candy Jar did. Learning how to shade properly was fun but working with the colors was a lot better and I can't wait to do more.

Candy Jar Drawing

For me the Candy Jar drawing was a bit more complicated. There was so much detail with in each candy wrapper that I included on each piece, but did with some difficulty. For example, you have to get all the labels down, and all the crinkles that the wrapper forms. And because the candy is a glass jar, you also have to show how the glass looks. Like the reflections from the light on the glass. To me the Candy Jar drawing was the hardest but I liked it the most because I really loved working with the colored pencils.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Drawing a bike is not as easy as riding one..

Drawing a bike sounds easy, but don't always be so quick to judge something. During the time I spent on this bike i learned many things about art and the way it works. For example; shading, the shading on the bike was definitely one of the most important parts, it shows the shadows of an object, the texture on a metal, and even the depth of a certain spot on the bike. By adding the shading on the bike (or any drawing really) it helps make it look more realistic, and the more realistic the better the drawing is. Right?