Sunday, November 17, 2013

Our Pile of Blue

  Our mission was to bring in anything we wanted from our home as long as it was the color blue. And as our pile filled up I noticed many things. Like how different everything was because we didn't have to bring in a specific object so everything on the table varied from things like a globe, to nail polish, or phone cases etc. I think our collection shows our interests because it's things we brought in ourselves, things that have come from our home that we personally brought in. Our pile of blue reminds me of Portia Munsons "Reflecting Pool". Her collection "Reflecting Pool" is made up of all random blue objects that she piled in a huge blue baby pool. Our collection not only matches in color but also in objects because just like ours, Munsons "Reflecting Pool" is also filled with random objects from baby toys, to shoes, to even beach toys.

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